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Baby Makes Three Billy/Violet Violet couldn't believe she'd given… 
27th-Apr-2006 06:24 pm
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Baby Makes Three

Violet couldn't believe she'd given in like that, but she was only human. A man could only show up on her doorstep so many times before she had to just have sex with him. Besides, her friends were starting to turn on her (especially Kat, who was starting to act like she was getting something out of the deal) and she just wasn't strong enough to fight it on her own.

Now they were naked in bed together and sweaty, and she was shocked. She'd actually kind of liked it. It hadn't been all bad... there had been moments... especially that one with at the end, with the orgasm. That had been okay.

She looked at Billy. He was sleeping with his mouth open, snoring a little. Violet had the urge to shower, so she did, and then got dressed and left. She thought about leaving him a note, but couldn't think of anything to say.


All Billy had wanted was sex. He hadn't called her or visited her since their night of semi-passionate lovemaking, so she reasoned that he'd just gotten it out of his system.

She continued to think that until the day he showed up at her workplace, wanting to take her out for dinner. He said he had very important news to tell her. They hadn't spoken for almost four months, and Violet realised that her life had become less fulfilling without being able to slam doors in Billy's face and hang up on him routinely. She picked out a very expensive restaurant and let him take her out to it.

"So what did you have to tell me?" Violet said, while picking out what sort of appetizer she wanted. Maybe she'd just get two.

"I'm pregnant." Billy said.

Violet dropped the menu. "What?!?"

"I'm pregnant," Billy beamed. "I wanted to wait until I was sure to tell you..." He seemed very apologetic. "Or else I would have let you know sooner. But I am, it's for sure. I have the test, if you want to see-" He pulled a stack of folded papers out of his pocket and thrust them at Violet.

"No," Violet said. She felt a little ill, and definitely wasn't hungry anymore. "How can you get pregnant? You don't have a vagina."

Billy just blinked at her curiously. "I willed it to happen. Haven't you ever heard of that?"

"No." She said, frowning. "I don't believe you."

He grabbed her hand and put it on his stomach, through his shirt. It was already rounded a little.

She stood up and threw her napkin at him. "I hope this isn't just a plan to get me to marry you. IT WON'T HAPPEN."


Three weeks later, Violet got the first of the sonogram pictures in the mail. There was a note in the package from Billy, saying that he was moving to Canada to be closer to her, in case she wanted a relationship with the baby. He hoped that she appreciated the sacrifices he was making for her and their lovechild.

She rang the number that he left on the note. "I can't see anything on these pictures," She complained. "I'm going to send them back to you."

"I have copies," Billy said. "You keep them anyway. Throw them away if you want to."

Violet sighed, and hung up.


She agreed to go out to lunch with him. He was six months pregnant, and she changed her mind when she saw how much he was showing. They ordered lunch in.

He took his shirt off and let her feel the baby kick. "I think he has your feisty streak," Billy said proudly.

They ate in silence. She couldn't stop looking at his round stomach. "I still want to know how you got pregnant." She said.

"Does it matter?" Billy reached over and laid his hand on Violet's hand. "All that matters is that we're going to have a beautiful, healthy baby."


A week later, Billy rang her in hysterics. "YOU DON'T LOVE ME!" He shrieked. "You hate me! You hate the baby?"

"What?" Violet said, feeling a headache coming on.

Billy started crying. "You don't want either of us. You don't love us."

"I don't love YOU!" Violet said. Billy cried harder. "But I don't hate you. STOP CRYING."

Billy made an effort to reduce the sobs to slight hiccups. "You don't have me? You want to be this baby's mother?"

"... you're the one giving birth, doesn't that make you the mother?" Violet said.

Billy was silent for a few seconds, and then started sobbing again. "You think less of me as a man. You think I'm... I'm..."

"Stop! I think whatever it is you want me to think. Just stop crying." Violet pleaded. "I don't hate you. You're a man. You're a manly man, all right?"

"I am?" Billy whimpered.

"You are. You're the manliest baby carrying man ever."

"Okay." Billy said, happy again. "I'll talk to you later, then!"


The mood swings became more constant. Violet got used to having to calm Billy down. She also got used to him calling her at random hours and wanting her to bring him weird food. He almost cried when she told him there was really nowhere to find good haggis in Canada.

In his ninth month, he became more sullen and withdrawn. He wanted Violet around constantly, and wanted to pick out names and go shopping for baby things. She tried her best to ignore him, and continued on her life until the day came when she got The Call from Billy saying he was going into labor.

She told him to call her back when the baby was born.

"Aren't you going to be in the delivery room with me?" Billy said, sounding panicked.

"No!" Violet said, slightly disgusted by the idea of watching a man give birth, especially because she still didn't know HOW he planned on having the baby. "But I called Dom. He'll be there."

"Oh." Billy said, and went quiet. "Okay. I'll call you when there's a baby."

An hour and a half later, Violet was at the hospital. Dom had actually called her, because Billy was passed out from the pain, and told her to come see her baby girl. She made a face at the loud screaming in the nursery, but it wasn't her baby being noisy she discovered. She took the baby, and it was utterly silent, sucking on its thumb. Looking down, she saw green eyes and dark hair and burst into tears at the most beautiful baby she'd ever seen.
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I would quote favorite lines to you but... that'd be the ENTIRE THING.

*builds you a shrine*
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CURSES. Had I waited three short hours, this could have popped my mpreg cherry instead of that FUCKING SCARY ryan atwood mpreg.
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You win.

::helps Julie build a shrine::
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Considering you're one of the founders (or THE founder?) of this insaneness..
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AHAHAHAHA. I am at lost on whether to laugh really hard or cry realyl hard. XD Out of joy, of course.
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